Hong Kong on 20th Anniversary

10 Things to Do In Hong Kong on 20th Anniversary

The July 1st marks the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong which is being handed back to china. Though the city still searching for its identity, since the two decades of 1997,  have done a bit of it to dent its unique features of East meets the flavour of West. According to the monitoring process Hong Kong being rated the most visited city in the world. It has been found from the...

Vietnam confirms visa

Vietnam confirms visa waiver for Brits until June, 2018

Vietnam government once again that it is once again extending the visa exemption programme For the UK passport holders for single entry stays up to 15 days until 30th June 2018. The policy was first introduced on 1st July 2015, which also applies to the other nationalities like French, German, Italian and Spanish. This further lead to the increase in the 26.8% of the tourism population in Vietnam in comparison...

big Buddha Tour to Lantau Island

News Letter: This is Asia Tours introduces big Buddha Tour to Lantau Island

Lantau is an island located in the outskirts of Hong Kong, which promotes the beauty and the sanctity of nature as well as the tranquillity. It is among the biggest islands of Hong Kong with its existence in the mouth of the Pearl River. It basically covers an area of 147.16 square kilometres with a highest elevation of 934 meters in length. It is often referred to as the “Lungs of...

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