The Hong Kong Pulse Light Show

The Hong Kong Pulse Light Show: Another Reason to Visit Hong Kong Immediately!

Planning a trip to Hong Kong this summer? Well, add another event to your itinerary, because the Hong Kong Pulse Light Show is all set to floor the stage. Organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, this event will be commencing on the 11th of August and will continue till the 2nd of September. The show will be held at the Open Piazza, situated in the Hong Kong Cultural Center,...

Vietnam is the Ultimate Tourist Destination

Vietnam is the Ultimate Tourist Destination in Asia in 2017

A Southern East Asian country residing on the sea of South China, known for its astounding beauty and often called as lonely planet, Vietnam is highly popular for its Buddhist Pagodas, rivers, beaches, and its buzzing city life. On the other hand the world’s most populous and largest continent Asia is the home for total 48 countries, which is why Asia will always have tons of fascinating things to offer...

Hong Kong Sightseeing Tips

50 Out-of-the-Book Hong Kong Sightseeing Tips That Planned Tours Skip

This is a total list of special staff of Hong Kong that keeps the inborn citizens keep glued to their city and also remain enthusiastic day after day. Sightseeing Tips to Make Your Upcoming Hong Kong Holiday More Exciting From camping to relaxing in Tai Mei Tuk to hiking to WWII British barracks we have it all. Here is your all to do list which a Travel guidebook skips: 1.      Go camping, leave...

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