New Year 2018 in Hong Kong

6 Ways to Celebrate New year 2018 in Hong Kong

The New Year 2018 in Hong Kong is exciting as it sounds. The city knows well how to celebrate each and every moment, especially the New Year’s Eve. The party crowd begin to crawl in right from Christmas and last till the Chinese New Year which is generally celebrated in the month of February. If someone is planning a Hong Kong tour during this time of the year then there is...

Ocho Rico’s Scenic Waterfall with Budget Tours Jamaica

Exploring Ocho Rico’s Scenic Waterfall with Budget Tours Jamaica

The earth is filled with many beautiful places, most of which cannot be experienced in one lifetime. Why do people visit these places? Maybe it takes their mind off the realities of life and lets the, relax helping them unwinding their minds and letting them enjoy the beauty of nature. Such a place worth mentioning is Oho Rico. Many may not have seen or heard of it, but rest assured...

10 Facts You Ought to Know about Vietnam

10 facts about Vietnam you should know

A country that’s located on the Sea of South China is popular for its rivers, beaches, and Buddhist pagodas. A Southeast Asian Country with buzzing city life has many historical places and museums. You might have been to Vietnam many times before but did you know about the some of the cool facts it holds? Check out below to find out some amazing facts about Vietnam that need to know...

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